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About Our Practice

We provide primary care internal medicine with a focus on patient centered medical treatment. We diagnose, treat, manage, and coordinate care of medical conditions of adults (excluding surgical treatments). Our patients can expect comprehensive care, coordinated with other medical providers as needed. Our services will be accessible, focused on quality and safety.

Patients can expect to be treated with respect, dignity, and compassion. We strive to provide patient-centered care which means a partnership among patients, families, caregivers, and us. We respect patient preferences in order to reach decisions regarding medical care and welcome patient input.

Our goals are to:
  • Work with you to improve your health

  • Review your medications at every visit and discuss with you any interactions or contraindications

  • Develop a personal action plan with you to address your chronic conditions

  • Set goals with you and monitor your progress

  • Inform you of all test results

  • Help you take control of your health by providing you educational material and linking you to other community programs and resources

  • Provide you 24-hour access to a clinical decision-maker by phone

  • Have arrangements with the local emergency room and urgent care to be informed of your visit and treatment

  • Reserve space in our schedule for you to accommodate a same-day appointment

Our goals for you are to:
  • Make sure your treatment team knows your entire medical history

  • Tell us all of the medications and supplements you are taking

  • Actively participate in planning your care

  • Keep appointments as scheduled

  • Adhere to the plan of care

  • Discuss need for specialty care with us

  • Request that any other doctor you see, sends us a report including copies of lab work, imaging results, and any other tests performed

  • Know your insurance and what it covers

  • Provide the office feedback on how we can improve.

  • If possible, please let us know if you are on your way to a hospital, so that we might facilitate care.

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